Thursday, October 20, 2011


the mister and i have been wanting to go to haydock's for a couple months now and we were finally able to meet there for lunch today. we heard that they have some mean bbq going on there and we love a good smoked, grilled or bbq anything!

haydock's is located in an unassuming little strip mall off the 32 in chico, but don't be mislead by the location or exterior. once you get inside, the walls are a cheery color, cute vintage signs adorn the walls and they have their menu on this charming chalkboard behind the counter. i got a smile and a friendly "hello, how are you today?" from the sweet girl at the counter, even as she was helping the gentleman in front of me.

we ordered our food and had a seat at a table out front, where we only had to wait a few minutes for our food to arrive.

i ordered the spencer- tender, juicy pulled pork in haydocks' own homemade bbq sauce, slightly melty cheddar cheese and bits of sweet pineapple on a soft white roll. this sandwich was perfect. the pork was perfectly tender and had just the right amount of bbq sauce on it and i loved the hint of sweetness and acidity from the pineapple. all tucked away on a soft white roll.

my mouth was happy.

the husband had the barrel cooked tri tip on a soft white roll. and, of course, i had to sneak a bite. the tri tip was tender and smoky and there was a generous amount on the sandwich, and you can order it hot or cold, with or without bbq sauce. he gobbled it down. delish.

they also have your usual array of salads (all made from scratch!)- potato, pasta and macaroni salad, but they also had a rice salad, and i thought it was nice to see something a little different in the display case. we would have loved to have seen some bbq beans on the menu.

they also offer coffee, donuts from donut rising, and cookies and brownies baked from scratch. you can find them on facebook, and i read a post this afternoon that said they also do sausage + biscuits and gravy. i may have to make an appearance down there one morning and try that, i am a sucker for well made biscuits and gravy and i have no doubt that they know how to do it right.

haydock's is open monday though friday, 7:00am to 3:00pm. i highly recommend you high-tail it in there and get yourself some of their tasty grub.

i give them two thumbs up!

(well, i only gave them one thumbs up in this picture, but that was only because i wasn't about to put that delicious sandwich down. no way!)


  1. What a wonderful review. I am an unofficial member of the Haydock's tribe (I just help get the word out because they're so busy making and serving fresh food) and I will happily share your tribute with them! So glad you liked it, and thanks!

    -- Laurie

  2. it was delish, we will be going back (soon!) for sure.

  3. This place sounds great! I'll have to check it out. Sounds like my husband would love it.