Saturday, October 8, 2011

felt leaf garland DIY

i stumbled across this sweet blog just yesterday, and already, i've bookmarked a few recipes and DIY projects. since fall is here, i have been thinking about adding some fall decorations to the house, but i have a hard time finding things at the store that i love enough to justify spending much money on them.

so, when i came across this easy little crafty project, i knew it was perfect for me.

crafty? check. simple? check. inexpensive? checkity-check. adorable? check!

i cruised on over to michael's craft store this afternoon (sunroof open, band of horses blasting from the speakers) and bought 10 sheets of felt. they are only $0.29 each so i spent just about $3.oo for the project. i already had some brown yarn so the felt was all i had to buy.

take your felt and cut out some leaves. i just free handed it. for my 7 ft garland i cut out 30 leaves.

then, use the needle to thread the yarn through the leaves. i had to go get a larger needle because mine were all way too small for the yarn. you could also use embroidery floss. i found a huge needle at rite aid, for $2.00.

this was so easy, i did it while i watched a movie and it took me about an hour, start to finish.

original DIY post from a beautiful mess here.

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