Sunday, September 11, 2011

chai concentrate

cinnamon is one of those distinct spices that brings to mind colorful leaves on the ground, cozy sweaters and a pleasant chill in the air. one sniff of its spicy aroma, and i'm thinking about fall and all the lovely and cozy things that come with the season.

add in some cardamom, black tea, clove, soymilk and ginger and you have one spicy, sweet and creamy cup of chai!

chai is mostly a seasonal drink for me, although i do find it so refreshing, iced, in the summertime. but i dream of chai as fall approaches, quietly making it's presence known with cooler nights and the leaves on the trees slowly changing color. then my mind starts to think about halloween and pumpkin patches. turkey and roasted squash. fluffy cornbread stuffing dotted with apples and celery, onions and cranberries.

i don't really want to think that far ahead right now, so today i will just make some chai.

the stuffing and pumpkins can wait.

chai concentrate recipe via budget bytes.

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