Tuesday, August 23, 2011

delightfully un-glamorous

were you forced to eat egg salad as a child?

my poor husband was (by his evil two-headed, fire-breathing, warty nosed babysitter) and now he has a serious aversion to egg salad sandwiches. he loves frittatas and fried egg sandwiches and scrambled eggs... but egg salad?

no way, jose.

and i will agree that its not pretty and oooooh boy! the house for sure reeks after you make an egg salad sandwich, but sometimes...oh sometimes, it just hits the spot. plus, we always have local + farm fresh eggs in the house and so its a great go-to lunch or dinner.

ugliness, be damned. its tasty!

i like to jazz mine up a bit and here are a few ways to elevate that boring old egg salad into something much closer to divine...

- toast the bread

- avocado slices

- 1 tsp (for 2 eggs) of dijon mustard when you mix in the mayo (i did this today and it was dee-lish)

- use plain greek yogurt instead of mayo and add some fresh dill

- bacon, black olives and slices of tomato

-  tarragon, finely diced shallots and a splash of white wine vinegar

- curry powder

egg salad is delightfully un-glamorous but can be seriously delicious. how do you eat yours?

or, do you cringe at the thought of putting one in your pie hole?

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