Sunday, July 31, 2011

tasty reading

looking for a tasty read? these are just a few food memoirs that i am particularly fond of...

a homemade life, written by molly wizenberg aka orangette (her food blog). this book is witty, deeply personal (she talks about the loss of her dad. i cried) and i love the way she sees food as intertwined with her memories of friends and family and i love her voice as she weaves those stories.

the nasty bits. told in tony's typical snarky and sarcastic voice with lots of cursing and truth telling.

tender at the bone , written by new york times food critic ruth reichl, is a memoir seasoned with recipes and stories of her experiences with food growing up. 

the omnivore's dilema by michael pollan. you will never look at a twinkie the same way.

my life in france, julia child

appetite for life (julia child), noel riley finch

garlic and sapphires,   comfort me with apples ,   not becoming my mother, all ruth reichl

heat, bill buford

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