Monday, June 6, 2011

tacos + pizza = epic pizza

i'm hunkered down on the couch, in my pjs (hooray for no daycare children on mondays!) warming my hands on my morning cup o joe gazing out the window at the rainy/windy/chilly weather that is lurking outside.

hello?!?! its june 6th in northern california where its been known to be triple digits this time of year.


notice in the above sentences that i am most certainly not complaining. if i can squeeze in a few more days of wearing jeans and cardigans, i'm cool with that. it will be all popsicles and shandys and triple digits soon enough (and it will stick around for several months).

dear weird and unseasonably cool weather,
please feel free to cool our little town for as long as you'd like. i like you. don't listen to those other people. they are just being silly.
<3 brown sugar and bacon.

on the food tip, i'm finishing up my shopping list and menu for the week while i'm snuggled up with a cozy blanket on the couch. each week, i look at what is left in the fridge and veggie drawer and check the cupboard to see what is still kicking around in there and then i start planning menus around what we have in the house.

last week, we never got around to having that greek salad with roasted organic chicken breast so that was the first dinner on my list, will in fact be dinner tonight. we are trying out a few new recipes this week, always a good way to keep things from getting boring in the kitchen and a great way to keep our bellies happy. black bean tacos, egg + asparagus gratins with toast for dipping, *taco pizza! and chickpea + raisin salad with spinach and feta are on the menu.

two to three times each week we have vegetarian meals and then the other days i try to only include small amounts of meat (so its not the main focus of the meal). example- we may have a pasta dish and just toss in a little sausage or bacon to add that little something meaty and salty (thanks for that tip, anna! you are my fave). it saves us a load of money over the month and is better for us.

* taco pizza- oh my gawd, taco pizza. the memories attached to taco pizza are also attached to a 16 year old moi working at chuck e cheese with friends, ignoring the managers, talking and laughing too loud and too much because they made the mistake of putting me in the kitchen with a childhood family friend that i loved and occasionally serving pizzas that may have fallen out of the pizza oven and on to the floor because me and that friend were too busy laughing our asses off to catch the pizzas. taco pizza was this (off the hook) creation- you cook the pizza with cheese and taco seasoned ground beef. when it comes out of the oven, top it with shredded lettuce, tomatoes, crushed up doritos! and serve with sour cream and hot sauce on the side.

taco pizza, if loving you is wrong, i dont want to be right.

i will definitely have pics to share with you when we have this epic pizza for dinner.

btw- do people even say off the hook anymore? yeeesh... i think i might be old.

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