Tuesday, June 28, 2011


i'm gazing out the living room window, listening to the rain. yep. rain. personally, i love a little summer storm to break up the heat of a northern california summer (read: scorching hot) and you will not hear me complain about the water that is falling from the sky in june.

bring it, i say. bring it!

the weather today isnt really conducive to them, but lets talk popsicles!

boozy campari citrus pops via the kitchn 

i've been cruising around searching for some yummy recipes for homemade popsicles and of course a popsicle with a little booze in it is never a bad thing!

 beer pops via the kitchn

raspberry + goat's milk popsicles via joy the baker

fudge popsicles via smitten kitchen

strawberry- yogurt via the kitchn

as soon as the heat comes back i'm going to whip up a batch or two of popsicles. those fudge ones and the boozy citrus ones are top of the list right now.

have you ever made popsicles? if so, what flavor did you make? kool aid doesnt count.


  1. I'm waiting for the day in my life where I get to say "let's talk popsicles.

  2. make that day today! a wise person once said, "so many popsicles, so little time!"