Sunday, June 12, 2011

baked eggs with parm and asparagus

 here is the tricky part about baked eggs...
how long it will take to cook them until perfectly done will vary according to your oven and whether the temperature of your oven is accurate. a recipe may say 8 minutes, but it may take your old oven 13 minutes. or you might like your yolks more or less done than the next person. we like our baked eggs where the white is firm and the yolk is still bright and silky and runny.

in the past, i have overcooked my baked eggs. but i have undercooked them, too (like the other night). runny, snotty looking egg whites just dont sit well with us so i am going to give them another shot this week.

even though i kept putting them back in the oven to set up, they just couldnt quite get there. daniel thinks i had too much cream in them and maybe that affected the cook time. 

what? you mean if it says 1 tsp of heavy cream i should stick with the 1 tsp and not douse the eggs in 2 or 3 teaspoons? huh? 

even though they were undercooked they still had a great flavor to them. the asparagus stood in place where i would normally toss in herbs or onion/garlic/scallions. the lemon zest and the asparagus together gave the dish a bright sunny flavor and i think this would make a tasty brunch dish.

i will post a final recipe once i figure out what works best for my oven but i used shutterbean's recipe this time.

stay tuned!

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